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Finally a blog I can call my own! I can now say that I understand the inner workings of the platform that my blog runs on (or rather, is statically generated by), since I made it myself using excellent open source tools, such as: (and a bunch of ready-made, community-contributed plugins made for it), and Sass with Susy for easily making a responsive design that looks good, at least in my design-challenged eyes :-).

It all began when I started investigating about blogging platform options for Node.js, shortly before I rebooted this blog using Jekyll/GitHub Pages, and I kept on hearing about how great was for static site generation.

Then, one day, I finally decided to pull the plug on Jekyll and try to re-tool my blog with An implicit promise on's examples directory, where a claim is made that you can port a Jekyll blog and easily have it work under (or at least I understood, or wanted to understand it that way :-) ).

Porting my blog helped me learn a lot about, the philosophy behind it, and its pitfalls. I'm also proud to say that one of the plugins that I developed to fill in a gap for a feature that I was relying on Jekyll/GitHub pages, namely: the date of posts is picked up from the filename, as opposed to having to have it in the YAML front-matter at the beginning of posts, is now listed on's plugins section.

This blog continues to be hosted on the amazing GitHub pages, but now just as static files, as opposed to relying on it to run the static site generation.

With that, I hope that now I'll blog more often about topics that I've been playing with a lot lately, like React.js, Lodash, and itself.